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Relish the Italian Gourmet Secrets


The world of Bella Cucina is an instant treat to your senses, right from the time you enter it. The whiff of freshly baked bread coupled with the elegant vibe of the restaurant uplifts your mood and sets the tone for the entire evening when you step into the restaurant. The gorgeous Molteni stove that is the centerpiece of the tastefully made kitchen plays a huge part in establishing this experience. The chef in action is an experience in itself. Right from the open kitchen like the chefs braising, frying and sautéing the vegetables, herbs and spices sizzling or juicy meats being cooked in harmony, make for a beautiful background score. When you watch your food being prepared and plated at the live kitchen, is kind of a experiential dining.


Indulge in the creative interpretations of Italian cooking at this award winning modern dining restaurant. Operational for dinner service all through the week, relish the signature handmade pasta, Neapolitan pizzas, imported Italian flour, high-quality seafood,  grilled meats, and more presented in the most elite crockery, Villeroy & Boch; served along with the finest wine label by the glass/bottle from an exhaustive wine list of sorts served in the finest German glassware, Schott Zwiesel. Resort for communal dining with goes to a-la-carte as suitable to you.