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Meet The Chef

Meet Chef Birjesh Kumar

Chef Birjesh Kumar is the Executive Chef at Le Meridien Gurgaon.

With a remarkable tenure spanning more than 23 years in the dynamic hospitality industry, Chef Birjesh Kumar emerges as an unrivaled expert, equipped with a multitude of culinary achievements. His illustrious career boasts a splendid amalgamation of diverse culinary backgrounds, underscoring the breadth and depth of his culinary prowess.

Chef Birjesh Kumar's name resonates across the culinary world as a maestro proficient in an impressive array of cuisines, captivating the taste buds of connoisseurs. Among the delightful tapestry of flavors, he artfully crafts French, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Mediterranean, Modern European, and Indian cuisines with unparalleled finesse.

Widely acclaimed and revered, Chef Birjesh Kumar's remarkable expertise has been cultivated through his tenure at renowned establishments, where he consistently excelled and left an indelible mark. His extensive knowledge and unmatched culinary skills distinguish him as a luminary in the field, bringing an extraordinary level of proficiency to his new and exciting role.